weapon (ranged)

The laspistol is the pistol form of the lasrifle, and operates in a similar way. It is suitable for quick use, but lacks firepower or range and is often used in conjunction with a close combat weapon. Many laspistols have power packs mounted in front of the pistol’s grip rather than within the grip itself, so that heat from the power cell can be quickly dissipated and the power cell quickly changed when depleted. This also allows the laspistol to use the same power pack as the lasrifle, increasing the pistol’s logistical flexibility.

Laspistol: RKA 2d6E, Armor Piercing (+½), Autofire 5 (+½), Charges (+¼), Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1), (97 Active Points); Real Weapon (-¼),OAF (-1); Beam (-¼); STR Min (Cannot Add/Subtract Damage) (-¾) plus 2 CSL (10 Active Points); OAF (-1); Required Hands (0); Real Weapon(-¼). Total cost: 33 points.



Ragnarok: Twilight of Mankind MandyRae