weapon (ranged)

The lasrifle fires a focused laser beam, powerful enough to remove an unarmored human limb in a single blast, and are effective against heavy armor. Lasrifles are powered by small rechargeable power packs. Power output can be adjusted to extend the life of the charge. The power packs are extremely reliable and can be recharged by exposing them to direct sunlight, by heating (putting them directly into flames works, but this reduces the lifetime of a power pack and increases the chance of misfires).

Lasrifle: RKA 3d6E, Armor Piercing (+½), Autofire 10 (+¾), Charges (+¾), Increased STUN Multiplier (+¼), Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1), (191 Active Points); Beam (-¼), OAF (-1), Real Weapon (-¼), Required Hands (-½), STR Min (Cannot Add/Subtract Damage) (-1). Total cost: 48 points.



Ragnarok: Twilight of Mankind MandyRae