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Ragnarok, the Twilight of the Gods . . . When the Children of Ymir are destined to rise up against the Aesir in an epic battle resulting in the destruction of the world and all its denizens, the gods included. Its portent is the Fimbul Winter, a frozen age of constant strife and chaos.

Fimbul Winter has come, brought about by man’s hubris. The world has become an inhospitable wasteland of fire and ice. Mankind hides behind the walls of Midgaard, sheltered from the chaotic landscape, marauding monsters, deadly storms, and threats still unknown.

You are the youngest of the Aesir: protectors of mankind against all who threaten it. Given gifts of cybernetics, advanced weaponry, superior learning, and the knowledge of ODIN’s runes, you strive to end Fimbul Winter, and bring spring back to the world, and humanity . . .

This HERO System 5th (Revised) campaign uses the following rules:

  • It is a Low-Powered Superheroic campaign (150 Character Points, 100 Max Points from Disadvantages).
  • All PCs are subject to Normal Characteristic Maxima (The only way to increase Characteristics beyond this is through Cybernetic or Biotic Enhancements).
  • Bioware, Cyberware and Vehicles must be purchased with Character Points, either during character creation, or during play.
  • Weapons, Equipment, and Tools may be purchased with Character Points (all must have the Focus Limitation) or obtained through play as a result of requisitioning the equipment through your superiors (a Bureaucratics roll with modifiers based of the item you are trying to obtain).
  • Players must choose either Cybernetic or Biotic enhancement, they cannot have both.
  • Players with enhancements must take the Distinctive Features (Cyborg) or Distinctive Features (Too Human) Disadvantage (both are Not Concealable, Noticed and Recognizable; 15 points) (depending on whether the character has cybernetic or biotic enhancements, respectively). The reaction will increase by 1 character point per 10 active Points in enhancements the character has (at +5 the reaction becomes Always Noticed and Major Reaction and at +10 it becomes Causes Extreme Reaction).
  • I have drawn ideas from many different systems, including GURPS, Shadowrun, d20 Future and even Warhammer 40K. I have tried to include the most popular aspects of each, melding them into a functional idea.
  • This is a high combat, low social game. Yes, I will have opportunities for individual character advancement, and it will not be a simple black and white story, but it will not have a large deal of social interaction between the PCs and NPCs, fair warning.

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